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maternity jeans and pants

black maternity pants

Gregx Maternity Pants

"Sapo" Black $49.99 SALE $36.99

maternity black pants

Gregx Maternity Pants

"Lengo" Black $58.99 SALE $45.99

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be! Maternity Jeans

"Classic"  $69.98

Gregx Maternity Jeans

"Zan"  $38.98

Gregx Maternity Jeans

"Gemo" White  $38.98

Gregx Maternity Jeans

"Gemo" Black  $38.98

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be! Maternity Pants

"Play" Black $38.98 Sold Out

maternity jeans

TM Maternity Jeans

Model 4045  $24.98

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TM Maternity Yoga Pants

Model 1000  $35.99

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These days, no pregnant woman's wardrobe is complete without a pair or two of maternity jeans. You'll find you'll live in them throughout your pregnancy and maybe even for some months after!


Our Tatiana and Gregx Maternity Jeans "Zan" come with low-rise style and a wide, adjustable abdominal belt that expands as you do.

Professional mothers-to-be would also be wise to invest in a couple of pairs of classic black or grey maternity pants so that you can keep up your tailored, stylish appearance at the office no matter how big your bump. Black and grey are good neutral colours that both streamline you growing figure and go well with any other colour.


Grace's wrinkle-free black Lengo pregnancy pants are made from certified eco-friendly material and are designed to fit comfortably and elegantly with an expandable waistline that can get bigger as you do.


Team them with a blazer, classic white tee, crisp blouse or clingyturtleneck and you'll have a smart, formal work-look that will keep you dressing in executive style right through to the end of your pregnancy.


Grace also offers maternity leggings in six great colours, as well as maternity capri pants and pregnancy shorts so you have a complete range of pregnancy bottoms to mix and match with our maternity tops.


Grace Maternity Clothes – pregnancy jeans, maternity bottoms and other comfortable, stylish, maternity wear for mothers-to-be.