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Our maternity clothes comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large and so is made to fit all shapes of figure. Perfectly designed to mix and match for both casual and formal occasions, we offer a wide range of online pregnancy clothes that you will probably still be wearing long after your baby arrives.


Just click on our images and you'll get both back and front views of all our stylish outfits.

First time mamas-to-be might be interested in the following maternity styling tips to help keep you looking great and feeling comfortable all through your pregnancy:


Buy a few good, classic pieces in neutral colours that can be dressed up or down and combine well with different colours.

For example, you will probably need at least one good pair of well-fitting maternity jeans, as well as a couple of pairs of smart black or grey maternity pants for work or more formal occasions. These can be worn with any one of our many styles of maternity top and can be dressed up with sling back shoes, or down with outdoor boots or sandals, depending on the occasion.


No pregnancy wardrobe is complete without at least two pairs of maternity leggings – one in plain black and another perhaps in a bright, exuberant colour that reflects your joyous state of mind.


And for those warmer summer days why not slip into a pair or maternity shorts or maternity capris that will keep you cool and feeling fresh no matter how hot the sun.


Remember that dressing all in one colour will create a slimming silhouette or you could choose to spotlight your growing bump with a clingy maternity tee.


All our online maternity clothing is designed by TM and Gregx who model their outfits on mothers-to-be so that we can be sure their clothes fit comfortably and look good on real pregnant women. We also would like to mention to of our suppliers be! mama, Torelle and Momzelle. We believe that this nine month period is a time for you to feel good and enjoy your changing shape. That’s why we make it easy to buy our high quality maternity clothes online and try them on in the comfort of your own home. And if anything doesn’t fit the way you’d like, just return it to us and we’ll give you your money back in full, hassle-free.


Look your best throughout your pregnancy with Grace Maternity Clothes.