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Maternity Clothes: A Timeline for Acquiring the Pieces You'll Need Most

Pregnancy has countless amazing benefits and few downsides. One of the biggest cons: There's no getting around the fact that pregnancy is expensive. In addition to your usual expenses, there are bunches of new things like maternity clothes, nursery décor, diapers, a stroller, a car seat, prenatal vitamins and healthy organic foods competing for your buying dollars at this vital time. It would be a mistake to skimp on any of these necessities -- so please don't panic if you can't afford to drop all your other financial obligations in order to buy an entire new wardrobe of maternity clothes. We've put together a timeline to help you understand how you can acquire the maternity wardrobe you'll need by buying a few pieces at a time as you need them.

The Ideal Timeline: Buy Your Maternity Clothing Early

If you can afford to do so, it makes good financial sense to buy your maternity clothing as early as possible in your pregnancy. If you're able to buy the new pieces you need in your first trimester, you'll get the most possible wear out of your entire maternity wardrobe. Buying early also assures that you'll be as comfortable as possible throughout the duration of your pregnancy. It's wonderful to be able to get on with your life without having too-tight clothing hindering your every move. Since that isn't viable for most pregnant women, the next best thing is to buy what you need one trimester at a time.

What to Buy in Your First Trimester

In your first trimester, there are five pieces worth prioritizing and a bunch more optional items to consider buying. The most important item to pick up at this time is a new bra. Most pregnant women quickly reach a point when their old bras become constricting. If you're far enough along in your pregnancy to have confirmed that you are, indeed, pregnant, your breasts have probably already started to get larger and become tender. If they haven't yet, that's coming soon. Be ready. 

The second thing to shop for is 
new sleepwear. You'll want to have either a nightgown or a comfortable pair of pajamas that accommodates an ever-expanding waistline. This is an essential purchase. Pregnant women often experience discomfort while trying to sleep. Sleeping will be much less problematic for you if you're dressed comfortably for bed. 

The third thing to buy is a 
nursing top. No, you won't be nursing until after the baby is born; but if you choose one of the nursing tops that's designed to comfortably accommodate a post-pregnancy belly, it'll also accommodate your tiny, growing baby bump in the early days of your pregnancy. That makes it a smart purchase right now that will also do double-duty for you later.

The fourth thing to buy is a new pair of 
maternity leggings. Select a pair with enough stretch to ensure comfort even when your baby bump gets much bigger. It's smart to choose a pair of leggings in a go-with-anything color like black, gray or beige. If you want to pick up a couple of pairs of leggings at this time, you could choose a bright or trendy color for the second pair.

The fifth thing to prioritize is a waistband extender for your pants. That way you can continue to wear your usual pants for a little longer.

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Get Those Maternity Clothes!

shopping maternity clothes

Understandably, people are always excited at the news of a new baby. People are eager to chip in with finding a crib, picking out baby clothes, and even opening up a college savings account for the baby. However, all of this excitement shouldn't rob the future mother of her time in the sun. For example, one of the best perks of pregnancy is being able to splurge on maternity clothes. Check out some of the reasons why maternity fashion should be an indulgence for every new mother below!

Rock the Glow

Let's not kid ourselves. There are days when a pregnant woman feels horrible. However, a pregnant woman also gives off an incomparable glow. This is often true even if the pregnant mother fails to see it in herself! This glow should be highlighted with great fashion. Remember, many people already find joy in seeing a new life being created right before their eyes. Imagine how much greater that joy can be when paired with a beautiful outfit.

Seize the Moment

If you are pregnant now, keep in mind that there are thousands upon thousands of women who wish they could be pregnant with you. Many of these woman will never get a chance. Some never find a mate. Others may be biologically unable to carry a child. This should give every pregnant woman pause. Remember, being pregnant is a privilege. You may only get to experience it once or twice in your life. Keep in mind that people chose to invest in wedding clothes knowing the clothes will probably never be worn again. Women should look at maternity fashion in the same light. Pregnancy is a time to embrace a wardrobe that may never come your way again.

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Maternity fashion

maternity top short sleeve

Congratulations! You are expecting a new baby! This is an exciting time in life. There are relatives to notify, baby cribs to assemble, and birthing classes to take. You will also need to invest in some maternity clothes. Don't feel like this is a chore. This might be one of the only times in your life you will get to embrace maternity fashion. Maternity fashion can be stylish, comfortable, and even sexy. Check out several ideas for maternity fashion below! You can then search for the best maternity clothing online at our store.

maternity Jeans

Few things are as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans. Unfortunately, your favorite pair soon won't be able to accommodate that growing baby in your tummy. Thankfully, you can pick up great pairs of maternity jeans. For example, you can easily find a pair of maternity blue jeans. Maternity blue jeans are a great investment. They can go with just about anything and everything. However, don't feel like you need to limit yourself to simply the classic color of denim. If your pregnancy is occurring over the summer, don't be shy about snagging some white maternity jeans. You'll look fantastic at all of your summer gatherings!

maternity leggings

Leggings are one of the greatest things to happen to fashion in decades. Leggings are incredibly comfortable, they can pair well with many different outfits, and they are always available in numerous colors and prints. Also, maternity leggings are usually incredibly affordable. You'll easily be able to pick up numerous pairs of them. Grab some black ones to make your budding figure look sexy and slimming. However, don't forget to pick up some bright colors as well. Your legs will look great!

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Stylish Maternity: Essentials for Each of the Four Seasons

stylish maternity clothes

Many fashion magazines are being published and many runaway events happening, but most of them do not include maternity. Pregnancy is such a big part of life, yet the concept of maternity fashion is hardly spoken about. Well, maternity clothes do not have to be just functional. The following are a few seasonal tips for maternity clothes Canada.

Spring Options

Everyone knows that finding good maternity clothes means staying away from most department stores. Fashionistas understand that buying maternity clothing online will provide many options.

Spring is linked to maternity since creation peaks during this season. This is why many are checking out maternity clothes Canada. The following are just a few Spring-centered suggestions that will help you put together outfits:


Sandals are tied to the spring season, which makes them important. Now, most maternity-friendly options lack stylish straps because maternity could mean swelling of the feet. Well, buying sandals online should provide more options so that you can adjust the straps.

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Tips: How a Maternity Dress can Affect Your Mood

Accepting the possibility that your maternity clothes can help dictate your overall state of mind might seem a little far fetched. Could maternity clothes Canada really affect your mood or how you perceive yourself? The answer is a strange but resounding yes. Strap yourself in, and find out how maternity dresses can affect you.

Baby Bumps and Dresses

blue maternity dress

It may be hard to accept, but many women suffer from body image issues during pregnancy. Many factors could contribute to this, such as unrealistic body image expectations to under-appreciation at home.

There are several things that you can do to lessen some of these negative feelings like guided meditation or talking bluntly to loved ones to fight the ideas that the media has instilled in people.

Still, one of the most overlooked tools that women have is their own sense of style. The following are just a few ways maternity dresses Canada can help you feel better:

Slimming and Dark

There is a strange relationship between light, color, and your eyes. For one, the eyes shrink dark objects. This is an optical illusion, but it does mean that wearing a dark dress, which could be black, navy blue, or any other dark hue may make your frame appear slightly smaller. It should also be noted that bulges are detected easier on light-colored garments, but dark colors make bulges slightly harder to detect. It is not that a dark-colored dress will slim you down, but others will see this illusion. This also means that you can consider dark maternity clothes online that are a little tight and fitted. You can still look sexy. Feeling a little slimmer should lift the spirits.

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Create Your Own Sense Of Maternity Fashion

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman's life.

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman's life. As you prepare to bring a new life into the world, you might struggle with your physical appearance. One of the biggest complaints among pregnant women is the idea that you have to throw your fashion sense out the window. However, this is a huge misconception. Just because you are pregnant is no reason to feel force to wear oversized, baggy or unflattering clothing. There are several maternity clothing designers that have sought to make you feel beautiful and have an outfit to match that gorgeous pregnancy glow. Besides clothing, there are also several other ways that you can boost your body image. Here are some great tips that will accentuate your pregnancy beauty and boost your confidence.

First of all, when choosing clothes you should always be comfortable. However, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. Look for clothes that accentuate your growing baby bump. Look for clothes that don't bind but hug your curves. Cotton is a great choice that is versatile and allows your body to breathe.

Let's talk about maternity pants. Leggings, yoga pants and jeggings are also a great choice. They can be dressed up or down and of course, feel extremely comfortable. Also, they can always be added to your wardrobe after the baby arrives. However, don't forget about denim jeans. Long gone are the days of baggy denim with a large elastic band that screams pregnant. Take a look at some of the maternity denim styles that feature a normal waistband and a incognito elastic band. These jeans look so great that you could easily continue wearing them after baby.

When in doubt, accessorize. Even the plainest of outfit can be made fabulous with a fun necklace or glitzy pair of earrings. Wear what you love, even if other's don't. Creating your own sense of fashion is very important to your personal body image.

Try out new makeup or hair styles. Maybe you feel more comfortable in your yoga pants and maternity top. That is completely OK! Get creative with your hair and makeup. Maybe you have always wanted to try out that short pixie cut or dare to be bold with that new crimson lipstick. Even take it one step further and pamper yourself with a trip to the salon or professional makeup booth.

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Mommy-to-be Styling Tips: Look and Feel Your Best With a Baby Bump

Mommy-to-be Styling Tips: Look and Feel Your Best With a Baby Bump

Some pregnant women deal with body image issues. It should be noted that post-natal depression may be linked to body image issues during pregnancy, making this an important problem to address. Most of the time, the only thing that a pregnant woman lacks is the right clothes to accentuate her beauty while she is pregnant. The problem is that most maternity clothes are simply too bland.

The Problem With Commercial Maternity CLOTHES

The misconception that some retailers have is that women who are pregnant must wear large body-con dresses or oversized sweats. This is not necessary. These clothing items are not too stylish, but they are very common in some retailers that market to pregnant women. What you want to do is stay away from these locations, because they simply do not know what a pregnant person needs.

Style Tips to Help you Look Great

Looking for good maternity clothes Canada can be as simple as typing in maternity clothing online. The trick is to look for clothing that will be flattering and will accentuate beauty. Consider the following tips:

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Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy can be one of the most rewarding times in your life. You get to experience the wonder of a child growing inside of you and begin to imagine what life will be like when you’re finally holding your little one. Once your bump begins to grow, your pregnancy feels even more real. It also can make it difficult to find clothes that fit. Your own pants begin to feel tight, and your shirts just don’t seem long enough.

You could buy a bunch of muu muus, but you don’t want to feel frumpy and awkward during this amazing time in your life. Instead, balance your wardrobe with a comprehensive mix of comfortable and fashionable styles of maternity clothes Canada that will take you from pregnancy to postpartum with style and grace.

Yoga Pants

Wearing yoga pants as part of your daily wardrobe is a trend that’s not just reserved for expectant moms. Everybody’s doing it, so why don’t you? Chances are your pre-pregnancy yoga pants will fit you for a while. Maternity yoga pants have an extra-stretchy elastic panel that will feel comfortable as you move and grow. If that’s not enough of a benefit, you can also dress yoga pants up or down. 

They’re black, they’re sleek, they hug your figure in all the right places and they’re some of the most comfortable clothes you can own. Pair yoga pants with a fancy top or a floppy sweatshirt depending on where you’re going. You can even get away with wearing them to the office with a dressy tunic or button-down shirt. Yoga pants are some of the most versatile maternity clothes you can wear.


Piggybacking off of the yoga pants trend is the legging craze. Although whether or not you can wear leggings as pants is a controversial subject these days, rest assured that pregnant women can get away with it. This is your chance to wear all those dresses that have gotten too short since you’ve begun sporting your bump. Simply throw on some leggings underneath, or wear them with an extra-long top, and you’re good to go. You can round out the outfit with tall boots and boot cuffs to make it obvious that you haven’t let it all go, or you can throw on a pair of sneakers or ballet flats for a casual look.

Great Denim

Jeans are a staple of any wardrobe. When you're looking for maternity clothing, you may hesitate to buy a new pair, but it’s worth it to invest in quality denim. The ideal maternity jeans will be soft and pliant but not so stretchy that they fall down as you break them in. Make sure they fit snugly, but not too tight, in the waist and move easily as you do. 

Some maternity jeans have an authentic-looking waistband right below the belly panel. These can make you feel like you’re wearing your regular old denim, especially if you need to rock them for a while after the baby is born. Others are more streamlined, transitioning from denim material to a stretchy belly band with no belt loops or thick waistband. These can feel just as comfy as yoga pants. The maternity clothes online at Grace Maternity Clothes offer a variety of options for different body shapes and personal preferences. 

Easy Tops

When it comes to maternity clothing for the top half of your body, less is more. We’re not asking you to bare your midriff, but you also don’t need to hide your bump under a tent-like sack. Show off your new curves by wearing form-fitting clothing. Loose-fitting styles can look sloppy if they’re too baggy. If you do buy maternity clothes online that you expect will grow with your bump, cinch them in with a belt under the bust to create a tailored, empire-waist style. 



Especially when you’re dressing for comfort, an accessory here or there will draw your look together and help you feel refined. Yoga pants or leggings with a tunic and a statement necklace can easily take you from work to a night out as the designated driver. If you’re not sure how to dress when you’re pregnant, you can stick to the basics with your wardrobe and have fun with your accessories. Black, grey and beige are always timeless, and you can add an armful of bangles to make a neutral wardrobe pop. 

If you’re not sure where to shop for maternity clothes in Canada or USA, you can always find them online. When buying clothes over the Internet, make sure to check the size charts before ordering. However, maternity clothing is often stretchy and forgiving, so you can usually go up or down a size comfortably. Think about your own personal style when you’re buying maternity clothes and don’t try to dress like someone else. If you’re a jeans girl, wearing dresses may be uncomfortable, and if you’re used to wearing feminine clothing, boxy T-shirts might not be your thing. Stay true to yourself and you’ll get through your pregnancy feeling fabulous.






How to Build a Well-Rounded Maternity Wardrobe

Maternity clothing is all about being comfortable and stylish while still being yourself. When planning a wardrobe, it’s important to think about getting clothes that work for all the different aspects of your life. From running to the grocery store to attending an important meeting, maternity clothes should be flexible and fun.


It may be tempting to try and squeeze into some items from your current wardrobe or settle for sweatpants or men’s clothes, but it’s important to feel radiant and beautiful throughout a pregnancy. Correctly fitted maternity clothing can do that (and keep you comfortable!). Keep a wardrobe affordable by picking a few staples that are versatile and will work for many occasions and a few pieces that highlight a signature style.


Focus on Casual and Cute

Running errands, cooking dinner, relaxing on the couch — these are the times when a few comfy basics become favorite wardrobe pieces. Hoodies, the ever-popular maternity leggings, and slouchy T-shirts are important items that many women rely on. But just because they’re comfortable doesn’t mean they aren’t cute. Pick items in bright colors and soft fabrics that hug all the right areas to bump up that fashion element (no pun intended).


Find Office Attire That Works

Expectant mothers often struggle with this one, but the wrap dress can be the perfect answer to what to wear to the office. Dresses are almost always office appropriate, but it’s super easy to add more coverage with a cardigan, jacket, or leggings. Look for bright dresses that cinch under the bust to accentuate a growing baby bump or darker colors to create a slimmer silhouette.


Many pregnant women think they have to ditch skirts all together, but maternity skirts are specially built with expandable waist bands and soft fabrics. Women can still have that pencil-skirt look while remaining comfortable. Pair a neutral skirt with a bright top for a combination that is cheerful and fun but still professional.


Invest in Special Occasion Items

Maternity clothing comes in all styles, including some dressier items for evening events. It’s likely that there will be at least a couple of occasions during pregnancy where you’ll need a fancier outfit. Full-length skirts and cocktail dresses especially made for expectant mothers should be a part of any maternity closet. Dresses are easy to dress down with a jacket or dress up with special jewelry, and don’t be afraid to choose a dress in a vibrant, joyous color to reflect your joyous state of mind.


Special occasions are a chance to punch up individual style. Prints, flowy fabrics, interesting hem lines — maternity clothing companies offer a range of options to fit many tastes.


Go for Sporty and Fun

Some of the most comfortable and affordable maternity clothes also double as active wear. The hoodies and T-shirts meant for casual wear can easily work for trips to the gym. Again, here is where leggings are important. Think about designating a specific pair to live in your gym bag for sporty occasions.


Fitness apparel is very trendy right now, even when it's not being used for actual exercise! Balance the more masculine cuts of some sportswear with a feminine color or softer fabric. Pair a sporty look with a comfortable shoe and the look can go from errands to the gym with practically no extra effort.


Look for Seasonal Wear

Maternity clothing often must span a couple of seasons and, depending on location, a wide variety of weather conditions. Staying comfortable and looking great while the seasons change is all about obtaining a few staples that will transition from one month to the next.


  • Fall: Fall is a great opportunity to add a few layers to extend summer wear. Focus on purchasing a few layering items in warm, earthy colors that will last through winter. Under layers like camisoles and top layers like ponchos are the keys to a fall wardrobe.
  • Winter: Focus on cozy sweaters and long-sleeved dresses in darker colors. Neutral solids pair nicely with a bright scarf and gloves. Pair leggings with long socks and boots for a trendy winter look.
  • Spring: Think about light shades and breathable fabrics to celebrate the return of sunshine. Brightly-colored leggings can add a pop of color to any dress. On cooler spring days, add a light sweatshirt or jacket.
  • Summer: Breathable fabrics and loose-fitting tops are good tools to get through hot summer days. Keep cool with white and pastel colors.


Building a maternity wardrobe can be a fun and rewarding process. Keep a signature style or try something new. Having a workable set of staples and a few choice style-focused pieces is the best way to enjoy clothing while pregnant.


Grace Maternity Clothes of Canada has a wide selection of styles and colors for all seasons and occasions. Browse the online catalog today for fashion-forward outfits that are both fun and 






7 Steps to Choosing Maternity Clothes that Work

Pregnancy can be filled with thoughts of tiny shoes, adorable onesies, and itsy-bitsy socks. But the mother’s wardrobe should not be forgotten! There’s no reason mothers-t0-be can’t look fantastic while on their body’s incredible journey.


Maternity clothing these days can fit every body size, style, and taste. Knowing what to look for and embracing personal style can help fill the closet with classic, beautiful pieces.


1. Examine Sizes


According to Alison Deyette, a blogger at Baby Center, sizes for pregnancy wear are based on the size of a non-pregnant body. That means a person who normally buys "medium" sizes will most likely be a "medium" throughout the pregnancy.


Finding the correct size isn't just about purchasing regular clothes in larger sizes. A pregnant body is putting on weight in much different areas than a person who puts on some holiday weight. Pregnancy clothes are designed to stretch and fit the specifics of a woman’s body. Clothing that fits the body (and bump) correctly will always be more flattering than an oversized T-shirt.


2. Basics First


The easiest way to get started is to pick out a few basic maternity staple pieces that will mix and match. The Bump suggests pieces like leggings, camis, and cardigans can be the foundations of a pregnancy wardrobe.


Staple pieces could include some neutral items (dark pants, sweaters), and some pieces that match personality (think color and pattern).


3. Maternity Clothes But with Style!


Dresses, tops, pants, leggings — having many options to choose from when putting together a maternity wardrobe is important. And just like a non-pregnancy wardrobe, having an array of options to choose from makes life easier. Whether it’s an afternoon walking the dog or a Monday board meeting, maternity clothes should work for all aspects of life.


So, if fashion is your thing, you’ll find a selection of affordable clothing options to choose from here. Don’t be afraid to look fabulous as your baby grows. Your super style should flow seamlessly from pre-pregnancy all the way through the birth of your child.


4. Relax in Comfort


It’s important that clothes move, twist, and support a woman throughout her day. Maternity dresses are often the perfect item for looking your best while keeping mother and baby happy.


Dressing appropriately for the weather is also something to keep in mind as a pregnancy progresses. Fun shorts and skirt for hot summer days and warm hoodies and ponchos for cold winter nights will be important additions to a maternity wardrobe. A tunic is often one of the most flexible garments because it can work for summer (pair it with a pair of shorts) and winter (boots and dark leggings).


WikiHow suggests that buying clothing items that layer may be a good strategy since hormones can make the body temperature fluctuate throughout the day.


5. Slimming Down


Sometimes women want to feel sleek and perhaps a bit smaller, even through pregnancy. Try putting the visual emphasis on your glowing face through some fun accessories, bright scarves. Clothing in a single, flattering color works wonders on creating a slimming silhouette. Simple, classic dresses and flowy shirts do this well, too.


6. Baby Bump it Up


Jody Kozlow, writing for Parents.com, suggests that feeling modern and chic during pregnancy can be accomplished by taking already-worn trends and adapting them to a growing body.


These days women are even accentuating their bump with clingy T-shirts and bright colors. No need to hide in a dull sweatshirt! Clothing companies make pregnancy-friendly clothing that matches all of the modern trends: skinny jeans, button-down shirts, leggings, and more. Women putting together a set of maternity clothes should look for a few pieces that help them embrace and feel good about a changing body.


7. Maternity Clothes that Match Your Body


Everyone’s body is different and pregnant bodies are no exception. Even if it’s a second or third pregnancy, bodies may react differently than the first time. If carrying low, check out maternity dresses that show off and lengthen the legs or a v-neck top to bring the focus up. Carrying high? Try a skirt or dress that flares away at the knee or a top cinched above the tummy.


Grace Maternity Clothes can supply your closet with much-needed basics, fun statement dresses, stretchy leggings, tops for all occasions, and much more. You should feel beautiful throughout your pregnancy experience with clothes you’ll want to wear long after your baby is born.